sparkly clipboards: the kids' organizational wall


Page 1 After my out of chaos post I decided this was the weekend to finish up the last details, rearrange tables a bit more, and finish up the writing table in the art room to definitely check this enormous project off my list.  And so I (mostly) did it.

The sparkly clipboard wall.  It is definitely one of my favorite corners of their new space.  It's light, bright, childish, and is a new place for order.  

The concept (like our hanging organizer in the kitchen) is to get papers off tables (and becoming eventual piles) and use walls to store papers creatively.


Here are a few ways we've been using the organizational kids' clipboard wall:

  1. Saturday morning jobs chart-
  • With the Saturday Job Chart I created, I clip a chart to each child's board Saturday morning and fill in specific jobs (based on the room they were in charge of during the week) to be completed and checked off that morning.
  • There are standard Saturday morning tasks like tidying room, putting clean laundry away, and such to be completed.
  • There are also blanks to fill in other jobs if needed.
  • There is a place for the child to sign that they've completed their job chart and a place for me or Bobby to sign that it's complete.
  • Lastly, there is a blank "family reward" space at the bottom that is filled in each Saturday morning as a reminder of what the whole family's completion of jobs will entitle us to.  It could be a family afternoon swim at Grandma and PaPa's, fruit smoothies for lunch, or a girls' nail painting party.

After Saturday morning's (pancake/waffle) breakfast, we all meet up on the floor in the art room for each child to get their new job chart for that Saturday.  Jobs are read and reviewed and then a "On your mark, get set, GO!" is announced and the excited scampering of feet can be heard throughout the house.

*Here's the PDF link to my saturday jobs chart.   

Page 2

The kids love the tangible nature of the clipboard and job chart sheet for the day.  They carry it with them and check things off as they complete tasks.  Once completed, it is hung in its particular spot back on the clipboard wall.  They feel a great sense of pride having checked out their hard work, signing its completion, and knowing they are on their way to celebrating as a family.


2. Personal homemade notepads-

  • After cutting a ream of copy paper in half, we used slightly watered down glue brushed on the top of a stack of paper to create notepads.  Use clothes pins to hold the adhered stack of paper together for a good 10 minutes before removing them from the stack.  You'll end up with a nice, sturdy notepad!
  • With each child having their own notepad on their clipboard we can:

--write personal notes to each other

--make a list for the kids--books they are interested in checking out, interests, goals, etc.

--write down ideas we have for activities/projects for that week, month, or season

--grab the clipboards and take notes during any family planning meetings, trip planning, etc.


3. Keeping other important papers specific to each child all in one place

Items to keep here:

  • The older girls Barnes and Noble summer book reading program is kept here for easy reference
  • Special personal projects to be shared at family show and tell night
  • Field trip and homeschooling/school permission slips per child
  • Notecards the kids have written in and need to be sent
  • Ballet/sport flyers with important information and dates
  • Pamphlets gathered from recent trips and memorable activities--waiting to be properly stored and saved

The list is endless.  The whole idea is to have a space where each child knows where to clip important paper and where mother knows where to find it as well.


Having clipboards ready to grab and be written on are so handy.   If you train your children they will know where to keep important papers.  They will know where their own personal notepad is for note taking, lists, and reminders.  They will know where their clipboard is for a spontaneous nature exploration day where they will record and identify birds.  And, it keeps all of the piles of papers for all your children off the counters in your home and kept somewhere special and visually aesthetic.


Here's Sparkly Clipboards Part 1 if you missed it.


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