sorting through memories

I just finished sorting through all of the digital photos we've taken in the last 12 months: 11,345!  I wish I were kidding. One of the traditions I have for an upcoming one year old is to pull together all of the photos of them in their first year and compile them in a large album.  I conclude it with the photos from their first birthday and tucked away on the last page, the invitation to their first birthday celebration.

I've sat here for hours, recalling every moment of this last year with the twins.  The incredible part has been deciphering which twin is which from those early months.  I now know them so well that I can tell by the slightest smile or thickness of hair which daughter is which, even in those first couple days of their lives.   I love who they have become to me, how they are leaving an imprint in my memory.

There is no denying that children leave a place mark in our memories of what life has felt like every second of the journey since they've existed.