sometimes i want a friend

IMG_3263 Yesterday was one of those days when I question all of the important, unconventional decisions we've made as a family.  Taking the four girls on a sunny nature walk, knowing I was the only one home with kids (four at that) in my neighborhood, began me thinking...


All of the emotion of a draining day hit: why am I doing all of this--at home raising four young children, homeschooling, carefully protecting their childhood so play, curiosity, and exploration are paramount, etc., etc.--and choosing such a path?

I think everyone that does something that is different from society's norm has these moments of craving to have fifty friends that are just like them, feel the same feelings, and would totally understand every emotion in detail.

Raising my Ainsleigh and Annabelle these past two years, for example, has challenged every aspect of my motherhood.  And yet, there I was yesterday, doing the nature walk without a stroller (like I always do) because I know it would be so much thrilling for them, yet, thoroughly tiring for the mommy keeping tabs on them.


Even though I feel "different" sometimes because I've chosen another path, I wouldn't trade having my Caroline with me all day and watching her grow for a million moms that could relate 100% to me.

How do you handle being "different" while not letting it stifle you?