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One of the best parts about January is the content, excited children that have something new to discover and play with from their Christmas-opening in December.  There are new books that keep finding their way to my lap, new dolls to be held and swung around in circles, and something just for quiet, individual moments of play.

I shared one of our favorite quiet time activities with you this past year, our hammer and nail set that we love, and I thought you'd like to meet our newest addition: [amazon_link id="B002MCZ86A" target="_blank" ]a play forest theater.[/amazon_link]


This [amazon_link id="B002MCZ86A" target="_blank" ]play theater[/amazon_link] is so exciting.  It comes with a backdrop, one side being snowy and the other side green and summery.  Then there are a variety of animals, trees, bushes, and rocks.  Lastly, there are several cards kids can use to follow in setting up the theater.  As you can see above, you can follow the card perfectly by creating a wintry scene or make up your own scene based on the accurate season.

What I love is the spacial awareness it teaches.   To follow the card, you have to be able to visually read the card to place animals in front of, next to, and behind other objects.   It has been a perfect challenge for my almost four year old girls and simply fun for my older girls.

Everything that comes with the theater easily slides into the wooden grooves of the base.  It is a wonderful activity.

See another one of our favorites: hammer and nail set

What about you?  Any family favorite play things to share?

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