Ironically, yesterday was the beginning of winter and winter solstice and was relatively warm here.  Warm enough for play without coats and sandbox tarts.


I found the perfect winter solstice fabric in my pile.  So little gift bags were whipped up last night during the busyness of the evening.

IMG_2701 IMG_2710

We tidied, and ate, with such magic in the air.  Sleeping bags thrown out on the floor for White Christmas and treats. (None of which I made--thank you everyone who makes and shares!)

And then the little blue packages were opened.  And enjoyed.

The book All Year Round has opened my eyes to the excitement and joy of establishing celebrations throughout the year.  Using the natural cycle of seasons and celebrating them, welcoming them into our hearts and home.  This is the season of turning indoors, finding activity and creativity where it is warm and enclosed.  It is the season for preparing for the newness of spring, growth, and exploring the world outdoors again.  I'm excited to see how we grow together "around the hearth" as they say.


Welcome winter and all of your mystery and beauty.

the sleepy time gal