{Loving Annabelle's new necklace hook; she came up with it when we tidied her room so her Christmas things could come upstairs}


Good morning.

I feel like there's so much to catch up on in this space.  I'm playing catch up with a lot in my life but all things leading to beginning a nice rhythm in our days for me personally and the kids.  The tree may still be up and dried, stale gingerbread houses still scattered around the house, but we are taking things a bit at a time coming out of the holidays and into new days.

Here are some of the snippets of our life right now that have paced me in my attempt to "catch up"...


 {The [amazon_link id="0545162076" target="_blank" ]book set[/amazon_link] that keeps Caroline's light on into the night and cozily propped up in bed again by morning.}


 {New games for the twins (thanks Uncle Brian!) have begun our winter tradition again of weekend board games as a family and weekday games without Daddy.}


 {And there's been a lot of discussion about a new business from my oldest: plans, designs, and her and my first meeting together about it today.}


{Playing, playing, and playing.  And taking time to step out into the snow from time to time to return to play.}

IMG_9716 {And my favorite would be watching my two oldest build houses for their miniature animals out of found objects.  I especially love Johanna's miniature Egyptian trinkets turned "kitchen decor" for the mama bunny's kitchen.}

 the sleepy time gal