{Four girls huddled together.  One puzzle.  Four snack bowls, laughs and trading of puzzle pieces that keep this mama happily tidying in the neighboring room.}

{Meyer lemons.  Did you know they are a cross between a lemon and a tangerine?  Enough of these were juiced for meyer lemon sorbet one day...}

{and meyer lemon shortbread another.  (These cookies are outstanding.)  I think the remaining three meyer lemons can just sit on the counter looking pretty.}

{Family secret pals. Each person draws a name and has all week to secretly serve and do kind things for that family member.

This was one of my favorites discovered in Daddy's office.}

{Painted jars.  A small project for the big girls' room using yet another mason jar.  More on that tomorrow...}

What snippets of bliss can be found in your home this morning??

the sleepy time gal