{New play with old things.  It is amazing how exciting toys can be moved to a different space in the house.}

{Caroline's first official recipe that made it into her Bare Book cookbook. Peanut Butter Yummy Bars.

Mommy was thrilled to use up rice puffs that have sat on the shelf for months.}

{Turning a worn, well-used Boppy into something fresh and new for number 5.}

{20 lbs. of blue.  I'm hoping to make something like this with these for the 4th.}

We are getting ready for an exciting week with family, food, and plans with cousins during the holiday.

 A baseball game in Amish country, s'mores, swimming, and Brave are penciled in the calendar with great eagerness.

What family plans do you have this 4th of July week?

the sleepy time gal