Things are lively and busy in our household right now.  I guess if you've been following this blog, you already knew that.  The twins party has been moved up a day because of Bobby's grandfather's funeral.  That means today, when we're not outside enjoying the first real sunny day we've had in weeks, we'll be finishing up special birthday baking and getting ready for many little toddlers to waddle into our backyard tomorrow.

Here are a few snippets of life this very moment...


{annabelle discovering the basket of her party supplies}

IMG_4354 {a pleasant surprise on the front page of the local paper}


{just arrived.  is one for you?}


{first experience scraping out seeds of real vanilla beans--pretty thrilling.}


There are more boxes arriving in Ishinomaki.  Check out the STG flickr group in a little bit to see if one of them is yours.  I am about to add many more photos of the boxes received.


the sleepy time gal