slowly and purposefully

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It was 5:00 pm.  The house was beginning to darken as the evening approached.  My kitchen candle flickered and soft background music played.  There were no children in sight--just me and the flicker of the candle.  I took my time cutting and slicing, enjoying the process.

 I purposefully kneaded and pinched edges.  And there it was: the moment.  Right in front of me.  Life stood still for a few long seconds where I could see and feel the present perfectly.  I could feel the future perfectly.

Life is perfect in this moment.


Despite every thought and worry and doubt and guilt and hopes and dreams I had lived that day, I had arrived at this moment.  The stillness and clarity removed everything else my heart could hold.

This incredible talk brought even more stillness this weekend.  Hope you enjoy.


the sleepy time gal