new: sleepy time tip

I'm excited to announce a new Friday fixture on the blog: sleepy time tips!  Fridays you'll find a tip I find useful, whether related to cooking, creating, design, or family. Enjoy! Sleepy Time Tip:

Use a Personalized Garland to:

  1. Simply come up with a shape (owl as seen above, flowers, Christmas trees, bunnies, whales, turtles, snowmen, birds, ice cream cones, cars-- you get the idea)
  2. Don't be exact--freehand the shape onto doubled fabric, cut, sew, fill, and sew opening closed.  Repeat.
  3. Use craft paint to add faces, eyes, wheels, wings--whatever will define the shape a bit more.
  4. Sew a ribbon loop onto the back of the figure, string through wide ribbon, knot each end, and hang.


the sleepy time gal