sleepy time tip: things worth checking out

(Thanks for all of the advice yesterday about handling motherly stress.  Ironically my guest post at Becoming Lovely from yesterday reminded me how smoothly life runs when I grow alongside my family.  Check it out here.) IMG_4614

So you're probably wondering what in the world this photo is of.  You could call me the unexciting mom, if you'd like.  For church's trunk or treat activity I couldn't get myself to hand out candy.  No matter how much I rationalized with myself, making "silly" pencils and pens with Caroline to hand out was going to be it.  (Caroline was quite thrilled with how they turned out if that is any consolation.)

I'm definitely not a huge fan of Halloween.  I have my reasons, but one of the biggest is that my parents weren't fans, so we always did fun family activities the night of Halloween growing up.  I never missed out on the trick or treating because we had our own pumpkin baked goods that night, delivered some to the homebound, and returned home to carve pumpkins, watch a festive film, and so on.  So the concept of candy, candy, candy is odd and new to me.  Thus, the pipe cleaner decorated pencils.

And despite Bobby's comments, many children were excited about getting one!

On a non-sugar note, there are a handful of goodies I've wanted to share with you.  Just in time for the weekend and those slower, more relaxed days.

Have an enjoyable last weekend of October!

the sleepy time gal