sleepy time tip: simplified jewelry

IMG_8582 Tomorrow is the big Dirle name gift exchange.  Much, much earlier than it has ever been since everyone will actually be in town tomorrow.  This is when we exchange sibling name gifts and when all of the cousins give their presents to each other.  As you can imagine there are a lot of girl cousins in the Dirle family.  Pretty much like 90%.

So today's sleepy time tip is all about simplifying when it comes to meaningful gift giving.  We decided that this year with a total of 9 cousins for the girls to give to, we would find a few handmade things that would fit with a range of ages, package up neatly, and disperse at our name gift exchange.

Here's what the simplified cousin gift is:

  • homemade elastic necklace
  • homemade wrapped caramels (you'll hear more on that catastrophe later)
  • all put in a sewn vinyl pouch



To make the jewelry we used:

  • stretch cord (found in the jewelry section)
  • wood beads
  • plastic beads
  • glass beads

IMG_8439 IMG_8441

Let kids lace beads on cord and you can tie a double knot at the end of the finished necklace. You'll have a blast with the elastic cord.




Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.11.42 AM

















I'm actually really excited about tomorrow's name gift exchange.  All of the cousins will get to sit and open their presents from their Shiffler cousins all at once.  With many nieces and nephews this really eased the burden of buying or making something totally unique for each of them.

We're pretty pleased with ourselves with these necklaces!  I'll show you the whole pouch on Monday after our big family day at my sister's home in Lancaster, Pa.

Happy weekend filled with your family!