sleepy time tip: japanese paper cutting

IMG_3648 A friend recently introduced me to kirie, Japanese paper cutting.



She put a little envelope of folded papers (origami paper) that had designs traced on them together.  The folded papers had a staple in one corner.  The instructions read, "Just cut along the lines and open up.  What do you find?" IMG_3641



Yesterday Caroline cut and cut and cut, so enthusiastically, to find out what it would revel once the paper was open.  How ingenius kirigami is!  I joined her.  And in my discoveries later realized that kirie is all about how you fold the paper before the cutting.

Try it yourself!  I found a few simple kirigami patterns that would be easy to follow.

boy and girl dolls

circular paper dolls

spider web

If your child is comfortable with scissors (meaning they won't get frustrated like Johanna, age 3) they will be perfect at doing this activity.  I had to keep reminding Caroline, after she cut off one of the doll's feet, that she could go slow and take her time cutting.

The opening of the paper is so thrilling!  Make a batch and save them for cold days spent inside.


Now, one more thing.  I've got some exciting projects that I will begin sharing on Monday called "Home Repurposing".  I'll show you some new approaches to old things for your home's functionality and comfort.

See you then!

the sleepy time gal