sleepy time tip: inspiring things

IMG_8424 Good morning to you.  How I loved all of your incredible feedback yesterday.  If we could all just harness our energy to be the best we can be, we could move mountains!  Thank you for your supporting words.  I love knowing that we're all in this together.

Today I have a few inspiring things to share with you this week before Christmas.  Here is the list:

  • A wonderful article from Waldorf Without Walls on playing with your child.
  • An easy Christmas gift for this year or another: DIY personalized mugs from Design Mom.
  • Another simple project to make for Christmas: some fantastic magnetic paper dolls from One Pearl Button.
  • Simply Montessori's materials for a $1 for children to string beads and practice setting the table.
  • Try our version of Martha Stewart's Almond Crescent Cookie.  It is the cookie I'm sharing with friends tonight at our cookie exchange.  The fun begins once all the kiddos are asleep!

I am so excited about a special giveaway for you dear readers happening next week.   Keep warm out there and enjoy your weekend!