sleepy time tip: basement aesthetics

Liven up your basement: Basement couches get a bad rap.  For whatever reason, they are chosen not be in the main living space of a house.  Their demotion only lowers them to purely utilitarian seating downstairs.  Nothing attractive, nothing special, in most cases.

Thus, the basement couch dilemma.

We affectionately call ours "the fat man couch."  It is one of those styles with the two huge flaps that also acts as the back pillows or cushion.  Since ours does provide adequate seating downstairs, I decided "the fat man" needed a little love.


Making pillows to distract the eye from what makes "the fat man" fat, the rolls or flaps, and some coordinating pieces on the wall can change the feel of a dark basement.  Of course, I relied on blank canvases for wall decoration.  I stapled on fabric, traced a design, and painted around the design.  (The above photo was in between coats of paint.)


The mommy and her little chickadee prints are the theme, since the mommy and her little chickadees spend time here.  The "fat man" couch is now looking somewhat mod and adds something special to the corner to make it feel more loved and less, well, basement-ish.


What is the story behind your basement and basement furniture?

the sleepy time gal