sleepy time tip: art notecards

IMG_2323 Today's Sleepy Time Tip is something we made with some new little friends: art turned into notecards.

Try it yourself:


How to make an Art Notecard set:

  1. Cut a variety of colored 12 x 12 cardstock in half to make two notecards out of each square.  Fold the middle in half to create the seam for the notecard.
  2. Cut white cardstock or art paper into small rectangles to fit onto blank notecards.
  3. Spread out a variety of art mediums for your children.  Here the children used oil pastels.  (They are so much more creamy in application and vibrant than crayons that children love them!)
  4. Let them create on the white art paper!  (I wish I had taken photos of the little friends' horse and dinosaur done in oil pastel.  Brilliant!)
  5. Adhere the art onto the notecards.
  6. Have the "artist" sign each of her pieces on the notecard and date it.
  7. Bundle envelopes under the finished notecards and tie with a ribbon.


This special little bundle doesn't stick around too long.  Caroline had her set out and was a-writin' as soon as quiet time started.

You could have your children make a pile of these art notecards for:

  • family members, grandparents, teachers, and friends for Christmas
  • your children to use to send thank you's
  • their own writing box, like seen here

This would be a great project to do throughout your children's childhood.  You could keep one card (per child) from every art session to save for your child for when they're older as a mini art collection.

Try this out with your kids and take some photos.  The Sleepy Time Gal Flickr Group will be up soon for you to share your photos of what projects you've tried!

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