sleepy time tip: art board

IMG_9585 Today's sleepy time tip comes from Lynn, a friend of mine, who created this wonderful art board as a gift for my girls' birthdays.  This art board set is one of the first things going into the girls' beach bags tomorrow when we hit the road.  I was so inspired by its simplicity and practicality--check it out.


The message on each board reads:

To hold her paper while she draws the most beautiful pictures--

Especially useful on long car rides, for outdoor art sessions, and whenever mom needs a break--

Crayon bag designed by Will (her 2 year old son) and sewn by his mother


The set includes:

  • a decorated clip board (she used Mod Podge to adhere strips of decorative paper)
  • crayon satchel (mini drawstring bag for crayons)

What an awesome idea!  The whole set  is practical, versatile, and easy for on the go.  What I love the most is the satchel her two year old designed.

Try making a set for your own children.  Your children could design their own satchel and possibly embroider it if they're older, and choose their own decorative paper for the board.  You could even  hang your childrens' art boards  (with satchel) on hooks in a row for order and convenience.  Then they would be all in one place for family field trips or quiet time.


What do you think?  Do you have some inspiring ideas or projects to share??