sleepy time tip: a new year's list

IMG_9222 I'm happy that I could share some of our Christmas with you.  As special as the holidays were, I'm inching towards taking down the enormous tree.  And packing up everything red and green and starting off fresh Monday morning.  I've already begun a long list of what I want for myself and my family for the new year.  It was always tradition in my family for my dad to sit with each of his children to help them set goals for the new year.  Now I like to sit with Bobby and do the same.  (And now maybe Caroline is old enough.)

Many people in my life, books, experiences, and challenges have helped mold me slightly different than I would have expected this year.  Life does that to us all.  I see my family moving in new directions that I might of questioned years previous.  And yet, all of our experiences have helped us to be exactly where we are.

In looking forward to the new year, I simply loved what Mama Unplugged wrote about what she is striving for for her family in the new year.  Some of her thoughts are based on a new book (I'm itching to get my hands on) called Making a Family Home.  I have some similar goals for my family, like playing Uno and sipping peppermint tea before bedtime more with the family.  And making more and consuming less as a family in regard to our needs.

Here' s a challenge for you for the New Year:

  1. Instead of keeping a list in your head, write down what you want for 2011.  Include health, spirituality, for your family, intellectually, socially, financially, and so forth.
  2. Share it with someone dear.  It should be exciting to share and help keep you accountable.
  3. Post it somewhere that you will see regularly and at the same time, is a bit private, like in your bedroom. You can wake to it and return to bed reviewing your list.
  4. Now that you have your list of what you want written and as a visible reminder, take some quiet time and jot down how you will get there.  For example, my desire to have more slow family evenings for family games and relaxed activities (like having family story time from a classic) requires that I plan ahead as much as possible.  Ideally I want dinner put away, the house already tidied, and, because I have such young children, to already have in mind a game or book decided upon.
  5. Now take the list of "how you will get there" and use it as a guide to incorporate in your weekly planning.  For example, I'm wanting to reestablish Baking Day so I would mark it for every Tuesday morning on my weekly schedule.  Done.  Now I don't have to remember it beyond my schedule.


{Caroline's dog she made for Johanna for Christmas.}

I'd love to hear how your "what you want" list for 2011 is coming.  I'm looking forward to creating the "how I will get there" plan this weekend.

I hope you have a special New Year's celebration, whether it is shared or spent quietly with your family.

the sleepy time gal