sleepy time tip: save your fabric scraps

Save your fabric scraps after a sewing project. This scrap of knit fabric from Caroline's skirt trim started out as the tug of war rope then as a head band (which we use most frequently)...

IMG_3881 IMG_3871 IMG_3864

a long necklace, doubled as a short necklace (which I've borrowed from her before) and this stylish shoulder-strap-thing.  She just might start a new trend.

Here's how to make your own knit loop:

  1. Sew two ends of one long skinny piece of stretchy fabric (knit works beautifully because it keeps stretching with wear.)
  2. Let child stretch, stretch, stretch the loop.  It will cause the raw edges to curl inward.
  3. Turn it over to your child.  Watch how it entertains and accessorizes.  You may find yourself wanting one!

What can you and your little one come up with to turn your fabric scraps into playtime, dress-up time, and Mom's night out on the town time?

the sleepy time gal