sleepy time tip: personalized tees

Summer means birthday parties, and parties mean gifts.  Here's a creative, personalized gift idea you and your child can make together. Personalized T-Shirt:

  1. Find out the theme of the birthday party
  2. Find an image online of the theme
  3. Get a digital photo of the child
  4. Using Photoshop, or a program like it, superimpose the child's face into the image (note: Bobby is my right hand man Photoshopper)
  5. Print your image onto t-shirt transfer paper
  6. Follow directions on packaging--cut out image and iron onto white t-shirt

It is always exciting giving these gifts away. I love watching my daughter watch as her friend opens a present with himself in the image.

IMG_0899 IMG_2033

(Stop by tomorrow to see what we dyed!)

the sleepy time gal