how to make fabric flowers

Remember the statement necklace I attempted? (And still haven't worn because I overestimated the length and really don't want the huge fabric flowers rested upon my chest. Ahem.)

Anyway, I had to come up with a way to make the fabric flowers.  It turned out to be easy and really fast--and there's no way to make a mistake.   Fabric flowers make a great embellishment to a skirt too, and quite feminine.

Cut a strip of fabric and experiment.  Start by tucking under the tip of one of the short ends.  Now with a needle and thread handy, start to turn the fabric around itself, leaving a lip up here and a lip up there.  Every half circle you make around the flower sew a thread through all of the layers to keep it intact.  Sometimes I like to expose some for of the raw edge.

Once you've used the entire strip, tie off the thread with a knot.  Now simply sew the base of the flower onto the bottom corner of the skirt, securing it well.  You could make a lot and create a wave of flowers, or just put a few on and add a touch of detail.  It definitely adds depth to a simple gathered skirt.

Also try:

  • Patterned fabric flowers on a solid skirt
  • Same size flowers around the entire hem of the skirt for a flower girl/bride's maid dress
  • Make a matching fabric flower that you attach (hot glue) to a barrette or hair elastic in your hair
  • Make two fabric flowers and adhere (hot glue) to inexpensive, plain flats or sandals
  • Add three matching fabric flowers down the bodice of a dress to mimic large buttons