IMG_1892 It's amazing they are six today.

This morning after I wrapped a few presents and set the table with daffodils (that the twins recently cut) I found some really old posts that brought back emotions and memories I completely had forgotten.

I sat at the computer and poured over this post, and this, and this, and this one when they turned one.  I forgot how frail they seemed when I would hold them.  And how they would naturally end up sleeping right against each other, in one crib.  And that Ainsleigh had the craziest long flap of hair and that would be the first deciphering toll in telling them a part.



In the beginning, though, before we could rely on Ainsleigh's hair, we painted Annabelle's big toe pink.  Then, during the night feedings and (during some real sleep deprivation) we wouldn't get them mixed up. During the day they wore little bracelets with their names on them so we could tell them a part.


And here they are.

Beautiful and healthy.  Imaginative and sweet.


Looking forward to celebrating them all day today.


the sleepy time gal