shifting focus

{The first batch of boxes just arrived in Ishinomaki to Sachiko!  See here.}


I've been preparing myself for some days now that I would have to eventually return to living my life. Part of me remains consumed with the incredible response and work involved with boxes going to Ishinomaki, Japan.  (We're almost at 400!)  So I'm kinda here.  And kinda absorbed with returning emails from the continual flow of them coming to my inbox of more and more people getting involved!

Life with four young children doesn't keep you away long from the duties of a home and a family.


Despite what is happening half a world away and deeply on my mind, my Ainsleigh and Annabelle are right in front of me, and turning two.  I feel humbled and blessed that I can celebrate them and their health when so much hardship is going on in the world.


Recently, we had family painting time before bedtime.  Everyone was asked to help create party planning paintings for the twins.  (In case you were wondering, that one is mine.)



(The twins weren't asked to paint.  Maybe next birthday.)


Using a variety of my fabric scraps, I made some fabric envelopes inspired by these ones for the party's invitation.

Fabric Envelopes


  1. Decide how big your invitation will be.
  2. You'll simply sew two side seams (using your invitation as a guide) along a rectangle piece of fabric to create the pocket for the invitation.
  3. Leave room for a flap at the top of the fabric envelope.  Fold over the raw edge of fabric at the flap and sew, using a decorative stitch if you wish.
  4.  They are pretty simply, aren't they?

I closed my envelopes with a large safety pin with the child's name attached.

I want a simple, toddler-fun party.  Simply playing in the sandbox (A and A don't know that's their present) and eating cake and such.


And two birthday cakes, of course.  Little ones.