sewn paper house packaging


Welcome to our little neighborhood of paper houses!

Here's a really fun way to package little things.  Come see...

With all of these covered button goodies to package for nieces and nephews and little friends, I wanted something to still show off all of the colors on the fabrics and watercolored jewelry cards.

I came up with sewn paper house packaging. 

If you use parchment paper than you can 1) easily sew on it with your machine and 2) sew through it!

Simply put you little items to be packaged inside a fold of parchment paper.  With your sewing machine, sew around two of the three sides needed to make the base of a house (remember one side will be the fold).  Now create the pitched roof of the house in two stitches as seen above.  That's it.

To save on time and paper, create your sewn houses close to each other in one sitting before cutting them out.

With decorative scissors, cut out the house leaving a nice 1/2 of paper from the seam.  Decorate the house!  I used a gold pen/marker so it added detail but wouldn't take from seeing some of the goodies inside.  Add windows, a door, and a name.

The funnest part will be the child opening the package since they get to tear open the house to get its contents.

Any ideas you have for wrapping little gifts?  I'd love to hear.

Happy wrapping/packaging!

the sleepy time gal