sewing again


I decided to just pick up the pile of stuff on my sewing counter and move it somewhere else.  Sounds very responsible of me, doesn't it?

I had some sewing to do.



There was sewing this weekend and herbed butter for ricotta and chive toast for a shower.  I've had Johanna promise me she won't get sick since she's the last child standing from the flu circulating through our home.  She nods her head with a grin.  She'd better keep her promise.

I'm learning the unfortunate art of carpooling and the even more unfortunate reality of not going out very often since not having my car for over a week now.  I still don't have it and we're supposed to be driving down to N.C. this weekend.  A very interesting predicament, indeed.


How was your weekend?  Tomorrow should be the day...

the sleepy time gal