save the date

IMG_0168 Good morning to you.  I've been so excited all weekend to share a bit of news with you this morning.  After many phone calls and prayers, I found the absolute perfect venue to host Yoga for Congo Women on the east coast.

The Ribbon Mill right here in my neighborhood of Carlisle, Pa!

The Ribbon Mill is a gorgeous, renovated factory.  It was build in 1918 and had been producing ribbon up until 1987.  The family that owns the Ribbon Mill renovated it recently to restore its original flooring, high wooden beams, and beauty.  When I visited it Friday evening, it was breathtaking.  I can't wait for many of you to see it in person. IMG_0164

It has been quite the experience in finding this venue to host the event.  The family who owns the Mill was aware of what has been going on in the Congo and have been extremely accommodating in supporting the cause and our hosting the event there.

The last bit of news is the date that Yoga for Congo Women will be held: Friday April 29th, 2011 at 7pm!

It will be held in the evening, so please start making accommodations  to join us in April. And save the date!!!!  (Remember, there will be an incredible prize for the participant who travels the farthest to join us for the event here in PA in April.)

A big thanks to our first official sponsor of the event, the Ribbon Mill in Carlisle, PA.  See more beautiful photos of this incredible venue on their website here.  And here is exactly where it is located.