rowan's baby blessing


Sunday was a special day for our family.  Rowan was blessed in church by his daddy on his daddy's birthday.  I was so grateful for the talents of a good friend for making the most beautiful baby blue sweater and white booties for the event.   He looked absolutely angelic that day.

{Aren't these booties with pom poms precious?}

{Starting to smile...}

{My family all took part bringing food.  I wish I could entertain like this all the time!}

{Grandma's holding the little bundle.}

{And he's ready to move on from the camera...}

We're about to eat "election day" pancakes.  Really just regular pancakes with a fancy title because today is an exciting day.  We've entered a natural point of recovery and adjusting  since bringing a baby home where the girls and I are ready to get back to life more.  We've started heading out the door more--now with a baby along--and planning more.  I've needed  it and they girls have needed it.  It feels wonderful to see how life will work out from here on out with one more in tow.  It isn't necessarily easy and requires extra planning and patience but is sure soothing for my soul when we do something meaningful again.

Today... nature journals outdoors.

the sleepy time gal