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It has been increasingly discouraging, this nursing relationship between me and Rowan.   I should say it has been discouraging from day one.

 This is new to me, of course, after nursing all four of my other children with the initial adjustments and eventual smooth sailing that follows for the duration of the nursing season.  This time it has been different.  The discovery of his tongue being tied and then prescribed surgery came and went with no improvement.  All of the accounts I read of immediate success with nursing right after the procedure left me confused.  This was not the case for me and Rowan.

Weeks have gone by.  (And for those of you nursing mamas, weeks feel like an eternity when you nurse every few hours.)  We are still at the point where we started.

The blessing: Rowan is putting on weight exceptionally well.  He has found a way to nurse (without extending his tongue) and be satisfied.  I, on the other hand, am the one struggling with the pain.

Six weeks into our little nursing relationship and I'm losing hope as to retraining him to nurse properly.  In Rowan's mind I guess he's saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!".  Why would he learn now how to use his tongue if he is getting the milk he needs?  The lactation consultant believes his tongue wasn't clipped far enough and the doctor sees no need for clipping further.  And this is where we are, stuck.  I've recently heard of craniosacral therapy and am putting much hope into this as a solution.  I will keep you posted.

Beyond nursing, there are other things going on in our home, believe it or not.  Dresses, for example.  Big, poofy, beautiful new Sunday dresses for the twins.


I love it when there is a need for dresses and Gaummie steps in.  (Do you remember these dresses?  Some of my favorites she has made.)  They spent the morning before church twirling.  And some time reminding everyone in the house that they are real princesses.

And Rowan had something special to wear to church as well, made by my great cousin.  (Rowan usually wears pajamas to church, so this was surely an improvement.)

Sunday mornings are always busy around here, especially while Bobby is gone at meetings.  Hair to be done, shoes to find (or alternatives to come up with like summer sandals), and so on and so forth with four little girls.  Thankfully the twins are learning to zip up their coats and find their seat in the car.
  And that's a little snippet into our lives at the moment.  Let me not forget some Christmas gift making is intensifying (coming soon!) along with the traditional playing of Christmas music well before it is socially acceptable.
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