right now


Hello friends.

It's been a while, hasn't it?

First off, I'm so happy to announce a little baby joining our family in late summer!  We are thrilled.  My guess is it's a boy with how I've felt this pregnancy but every time I see baby girl clothes I hope it's a girl.

(So much more of that adventure to share soon.)

One of my biggest adventures this year will be launched next week!  As you've noticed, I am in this space less and more active through my Instagram account during the process of the online shift.  Feel free to follow me on IG for more recipes, inspiration, + tidbits of my life @nshiffler--it's the best way to connect.

I hope you readers are finding a way to make your own path through this new year.  I hope you are problem solving, creating, overcoming, mastering, and achieving what really matters to you RIGHT NOW.

So excited to be back with you in a brand new space.  I have some really exciting things coming next week!!!


the sleepy time gal