right now...



 {loving the moments on the couch with Annabelle and Ainsleigh as they confidently read book after book of their [amazon_link id="0545019230" target="_blank" ]BOB books[/amazon_link] sets}


{admiring our dead Christmas tree on the back porch laden in fresh white snow from the recent blizzard}


{still endorsing more.starfall in our homeschooling life for their basic and fun learning activities for my kids from addition and multiplication to fun songs about the months of the year}  


{feeling awe-struck, humbled, and inspired from watching [amazon_link id="B000XJ5TPE" target="_blank" ]In the Shadow of the Moon documentary[/amazon_link] with my daughters--now they now about the real Buzz}


 {stepping back a bit from the natural, progressive flow of experiences I've had with my other daughters 

and diving deeper into understanding more about dyslexia}

I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends.

the sleepy time gal