right now


Although the weather has turned chill you'd never know it by the way my Caroline and Johanna dress on most days.  Johanna is more determined than ever to play the Nutcracker more than any other Christmas music.  But we were already listening to the Nutcracker back in the summer.

  • One remaining project remains for me to make before Christmas for Ainsleigh and Annabelle.  This is the most satisfying feeling I think I've ever felt giving gifts at Christmas because I've actually been prepared early on to accomplish most of my dreams and desires for my girls.  Tucked under our (dying) tree lay a handful of gifts that mean the world to me, that I hope will mean a portion of that to those that open them...


  • We're enjoying all of the little details of Christmas with heightened anticipation for the weekend.  Stockings hung, Christmas pillows washed and returned to pillows, our second round of gingerbread houses decorated today, and food planned for celebrating over the weekend...


  • Now unchecking some tasks that were marked as priorities at the beginning of the month.  These pretty fabric labels for my gift bags will have to wait for next year.  And the girls' bath mitts for Christmas, too.


  • Ice cream is still free at Caroline's ice cream shop.  These little elves keep trying to take over the business.  Everywhere I turn Caroline has transformed some corner (or usually more) of a room into some functioning store, home, bank, or hospital to play in.  Usually the littlest two people aren't welcome between hours.


  • More and more nativities created, daily.  Some with M&Ms as offerings to the baby Jesus, others with Mary taped on the back of a My Little Pony.  So pure and dear are my little ones...


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