right now...


IMG_9160 Good morning friends.  Summer definitely changes our days, our priorities, and my priorities.

Right now my kids are--

  • Going through lots of sunscreen
  • Catching up on day time neighbor play while they can
  • Creating with glitter every single day (evidence on the carpet)
  • Loving this awesome orchestra app--seriously one of the best apps
  • "Catching and releasing" fireflies at night, as they've learned from watching Wild Kratts
  • Deciding which patriotic dessert to make for this Friday BBQ
  • Loving their one day a week to be the official "baking/cooking helper" at the counter with me
  • Enjoying an old play kitchen in a new space--more specifically the littlest chef

Right now I am--

  • Trying to finish sewing 5 summer hats for 5 swimmers
  • Returning to consistent journal writing where the exciting, difficult, and hopeful are all penned
  • Letting kids stay up late with the season and enjoying longer mornings alone with late sleepers
  • Watching plants and weeds flourish around back with the greatest anticipation watching the mammoth sunflowers grow
  • Thrilled to be in the middle of writing my first ebook
  • Discovering the power of podcasts--specifically motivational ones at the moment--do you listen to any??
  • Loving the unity I feel as Bobby and I work super hard for some personal and family goals in this season of our lives

IMG_9163 What is going on right now for you?  Your family?  And you personally?


the sleepy time gal