ribbon week: ribbon functionality


When I have beautiful ribbon, I start looking around my home for the perfect place to make its home.  Ribbon can either be part of a function or can be sewn onto a functional item.

Meet our new bread bag.  Yellow linen, lace, and wide ribbon.  Using ribbon as the "drawstring" of a drawstring bag is perfect for showing off the ribbon.

IMG_7330 IMG_7335

Make a simple drawstring bag and thread with ribbon, thin or wide.  The wide ribbon here created a more dramatic effect.  You could also use ribbon as function for:

Ribbon as function.


Or you can take what is already functional and make it more stylish.  Here is a towel for me on those long running days at the gym.  We're talking 5 minutes to sew on a strip of ribbon.  You could also sew a simple ribbon trim onto:

  • burp cloths
  • kitchen hand towels
  • children's bath towels
  • skirts and dresses
  • pillows
  • curtains


Ribbon helping function look good.