ribbon week: accessorizing

IMG_7342 I'm happy to say that because of the fitness challenge, I'm beginning to need some belts.  Here is a simple one.

How to make a ribbon belt:

  1. Choose a buckle--there are many you could use.  This one has the simplest design.


2.  Sew a loop through the middle piece of the buckle to attach the ribbon.  If the ribbon ravels, stitch a seam at the other end of the ribbon.


That is it!  To wear, just thread the ribbon through the buckle and cinch.


If you use this kind of buckle, sew the ribbon into the buckle the same way.  At the other end of the ribbon, add eyelets for the notches and you're done!  (If you've never used eyelets, this might help.)

IMG_7495 IMG_7497

Here's another accessory: a ribbon headband.  This headband is for days when I wear my hair in a ponytail (most days!) or can be used as an exercise headband.

  • Choose a thin ribbon.
  • Measure your head where the headband will rest.  Cut ribbon and sew both ends to thin elastic.  If you want a snug fit that is sure not to fall off, use more elastic.  I'd suggest maybe 1/3 elastic to 2/3 ribbon.


{Close-ups compliments of four-year-old Caroline}

You can make a ton of these and keep one in the bathroom for washing your face, one in the car for the gym, and a few for little girls and their coordinating outfits.

Now go accessorize!

the sleepy time gal