reversible spring pinafores


IMG_6728 - Version 2

pinafores  plural of pin·a·fore (Noun)

  1. A sleeveless apronlike garment worn over a child's dress.
  2. A collarless sleeveless dress, tied or buttoned in the back and typically worn as a jumper, over a blouse or sweater.

I love the concept of a pinafore.  It is the exact layer of clothing that a little girl loves to wear.  Even better if it is reversible and has an enormous pocket.

I spent some time looking online for a simple pattern to make a pinafore for Annabelle and Ainsleigh.  Some new fabric has been sitting and watching me, waiting for me to pounce on it.  But lo, very busy days and sleepy nights have kept me from sitting down to my machine.

One night, determined to create something to relax,  I pulled out some huge pieces of paper, grabbed a dress upstairs in the twins' closet while they slept, and began to make my own pattern for a 5T pinafore.  (I used this approach to making a pattern out of one of their dresses.  It inspires me to make my own patterns more.)


Of course it took me more time to make the pinafores since I was making my own pattern but I kinda liked that.  When the chest was too tight I had to really think, really problem solve, to find a better way to make them.  That's what I love watching my own girls do throughout the day--problem solve.

After ripping out seams and putting seams back together in different ways, I resolved it.  Velcro at the shoulder on a contrasting piece of fabric would give a little more through the chest, make it easy for the girls to put on, and keep the reversibility an option.

IMG_6721 - Version 2


{I used Patty Young's Swell Stripe Papaya for the one side of the pinafore and her Shoreline Papaya for the velcro closure which would match both sides.}




If you're new to pinafores, it is simply three pieces: a front and two identical back flaps.  If you make the neck wide and low enough then you can make the pinafore without any closures.  If your pinafore is close to the neck you'll need to use closures so they can get it off and on easier.

Here are some simple pinafore patterns if you want to skip making your own pattern and jump right in:

IMG_6717 - Version 2

{For the large front pocket I used Deena Rutter's So Happy Together, Happy Hexi Multi.  Dandelions to pencils make their way into those double pockets.}



    Be inspired!  Go out and create something new today!

the sleepy time gal