revealing the room: the caddy

art caddy This past weekend we finished a few more things to this new and improved room for the kids.  I still can't decide what to call it.  It is a place to explore, a place for learning, a place for creating, and a place to inspire.  So in unveiling the room to you, I want to do it piece by piece.  One of the most importnat new pieces of this room is the art/writing caddy.   And I can tell you, it is a much loved new addition around here.


The art/writing caddy had to be easy (and quick) to move with Ainsleigh and Annabelle's itch to decorate our walls.  This wooden caddy I found was inspiring enough to keep me on the look out for something similar.  I found ours at Target as a utensil caddy.

What's inside:


-writing pencils and erasers for little hands (from this post)

-freshly sharpened colored pencils




What I still want to add:

-an alphabet card for referring to

-handmade lined paper for child letter writing

-cards on a ring of all of the family members' names (for referring to, as well)


We love, love, love the caddy.  It is moved quite often to different spaces and will be moving outside, I am sure, as things keep warming up.  And I'm sure the carefully chosen items inside will grow with the kids, as well.


Here's a sneak peak of tomorrow's unveiling.  Something so, so, so cool that now are stocked on our bookcase for the kids.

See you tomorrow!