revealing the room: celebrating childhood

IMG_1511 Today I have one piece of the room to share: this photo.  It is the last snippet to share before you see the whole room.  (I know, I know, I'm dragging this out, but it has been weeks of pulling things together, repurposing, getting frustrated, impatient, and indecisive, and now, one last thing to be hung.  You'll see it all on Monday!)

This photo really embodies what I wanted for this room.  A place where everything is within reach to learn and grow, explore and create.  And a place that celebrates childhood.  Gosh, I always smile and want to pull up a chair when I walk into the room.  Two favorite things from this photo are the addition of beans for counting (no pun intended!), for passing through little fingers, and for pouring.  And many new frames all around.  Some celebrating the life I find in my children's artwork, and others framing meaningful words.  (More on those Monday.)


While waiting for Bobby to hang the last piece (who has been out of town more--it's food show season), we've been busy making purple play dough, wearing out the Mulan soundtrack, hourly, and sorting...


...lots of girls clothes.  Why in the world I decided to start this insane project yesterday, I don't know. But now it has been started.  Wish me luck--or more big black bags handy.