revealing the room: bare books

IMG_1477 As you saw yesterday, one of the objectives of this room is to inspire my children.  I want them to write and write and write some more.  I want them to love writing anything from notes and letters to their very own stories.   I knew stocking this special room with something that was so incredible and exciting would only encourage that.


Now let me introduce you to Bare Books.  These books are a child's dream!  There are a variety of book sizes, books that are blank, books that are half blank and half lined, blank board books, both big and little, blank puzzles, blank board games... You name it.

I knew these would be perfect for my five year old, Caroline, in particular.  And was I right!  No more than 5 minutes after the box was opened she had the large blank book under her arm, coming to this "inspiring"room to write a story.  The first day she spend 3 straight hours working on it.

IMG_1442 IMG_1489

It took her about 3 full days or writing, drawing, and writing some more, to complete the story about May Mouse.  (May Mouse started out as a little mouse. Two days into the story-making process she was somehow married with a baby mouse.  It is a complex storyline.)


That one book, read by everyone now, is priceless.

(The hardback cover and pages are great quality that can handle marker, paints, etc.)


The best part of this addition to the "room" (still unsure of what to call it) is that the books range from $1-2 each.  Each!  And relatively free shipping.  (You pay $3 for a residential fee.)


Now the stash of books sits on the new shelf, waiting for a new adventure.  It is like they are just calling to the girls to be written in and treasured.

Come back tomorrow for another piece of the room!