open-faced turkey, avocado + cream cheese sliders

They may not look intimidating, but these little sliders have outstanding flavor.  If you're bored with lunch these open-faced turkey, avocado, + cream cheese slider sandwiches will add some excitement back to your noonday... And for your kids + hubby.

As the base of the slider sandwich, I made a coconut flour/flaxmeal loaf of bread (from [amazon_link id="1607745518" target="_blank" ]Paleo Cooking from Elena's Pantry[/amazon_link]) and let the loaf rest for almost an hour--really a must with making coconut flour or almond flour breads.  You can double or triple most grain-free bread recipes and keep them in the freezer for when you need it.  (I doubled this recipe and used the remaining batter for muffins to go with dinner this week.)

Check out how simple these sliders are to make...

Slice the bread into even slices.  Using a wooden bread slicer makes perfectly even slices.

Now just assemble:

  1. Spread softened cream cheese
  2. Layersliced turkey
  3. Next sliced avocado + salt
  4. Top with fresh grated dubliner cheese (or any other hard cheese you have on hand)

Because most grain-free loaves are smaller, they lend to better one-handed-pick up.  I like to stack the toppings high and make my kids and myself more open faced sandwiches then traditional sandwiches with a top and a bottom when using a coconut flour bread because the bread is more dense.

Oh yes, and they are perfectly customizable.  Rowan asks for everything "plain" so got plain bread and Saturday's leftover sausage, Ainsleigh had cream cheese and pepperoni, and so on.

Perfect healthy & filling lunch for the kids:

  • 2-3 open-faced turkey, avocado, + cream cheese slider sandwiches*
  • sliced apple + a heaping scoop of your favorite nut butter

*If packing these slider sandwiches for outings or lunchboxes, simply wrap each assembled slider in plastic wrap or place them in a glass tupperware container with a toothpick through the middle to keep toppings together.

Happy, healthy eating!