bunless crispy turkey club

I love it when my daily menu reads, "lettuce wrapped sandwiches" for lunch.  It means I can create any style sandwich I want: Italian, Greek, BLT, turkey club, tuna salad, leftovers-turned-into-a sandwich, etc., based on what produce + deli meats/cheeses I have on hand.

Sometimes we have some low carb tortillas on hand for this turkey club but honestly, I prefer the bunless, lettuce wrapped version of this incredibly flavorful sandwich.   Why?  Because the crispy lettuce adds something amazing to the experience of crunching into the variety of flavors.  You skip the bland tortilla flavor/overload of bread in your mouth and head straight for all of the turkey-club goodness.

And yes, these are portable...

Sometimes I eat the turkey club without the lettuce top (as seen above) but if it is really full of yummy goodness I like to add the two-lettuce-leaves top.  Then I can slice it and there is a top and bottom to help me make the club find its way into my mouth.

And you can make these clubs and store in a sandwich bag (I stack them on top of each other and make sure the sandwich bag stays upright if possible) or with a toothpick through each club half stored in tupperware.  Either way, I love bringing this club as lunch when I'm out and about.  It's like I just spend $8 on a cafe-style club without paying for mostly bread.


Do you have some new sandwich variations for me to try??  I'd love new ideas.

Have a delicious weekend.