turkey + cheddar pinwheels

This is a perfect finger food lunch that packs up well.  It is great for school lunches, field trips, or served on a blanket outdoors.

Here is today's lunch menu:

Turkey + cheddar pinwheels

Sliced apple

Easy-to-grab vegetables + dip (ranch, hummus, nut butter)

Apple Cinnamon Paleo Bread (or you could switch out to your favorite low-sugar snacking bread)


This is one way we serve up "pinwheels" in our house.  Lay a piece of deli meat down on a cutting board, spread a thin layer of cream cheese, sprinkle on shredded cheese, and lay down a layer of spinach (for those that like it).  Tightly roll up one end and slice 3-4 times placing each pinwheel vertical on a plate or tray.

You could also switch out the meat, cheese, or spread and use what you have on hand.  There are so many exciting variations!

Sliced apples:

If your kids aren't eating the apple slices immediately simple dip them in a water/lemon juice bath to keep from turning brown.

Easy-to-grab vegetables + dip:

Have your kids pick their favorite snacking vegetable and add something new for them to try as well.  It seriously works in introducing new vegetables to my kids.  Add ranch, hummus, or a nut butter in a small air tight container for dipping.

Apple cinnamon bread:

I like this recipe because it is packed with filling protein +fats (almond flour, eggs, pecans + coconut oil) that will sustain my kids for many hours.  I reduce the amount of honey a bit and add the diced apple to help sweeten the bread.  It is a satisfying treat at the end of their meal that will keep them focused and sustained.

And if you're looking for a 100% finger food lunch, turn the apple bread into individual muffins and you're set!


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