repurposing: kitchen valance to skirt

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When these homemade kitchen valances were replaced this winter, I kept them folded up alongside my fabric piles.  Maybe they would take on another life...


It doesn't get any better than repurposing Sound of Music-style.  Caroline and I had the exact same idea at the exact same moment yesterday around the sewing counter.  What if we turned the curtains into skirts, like Maria??

This sewing project is a piece of cake.  Like a total of 20 minutes until you have a skirt.

  1. Thread wide ribbon through the curtain rod loop.
  2. Sew both short ends of the valance until you reach the curtain rod loop.
  3. Continue the seam on the other side of the curtain rod loop.  (That way you won't sew your ribbon into the side seam.)


4. Press seam open.  Tack down if necessary.

5. Flip ribbon through the opening onto the other side of the skirt, the right side.  Done.


The ribbon can be tied in the front, side, or back.  Your preference, or hers.  I love the over-accentuated gathers.


One valance skirt down, one to go.  Now they'll match my spring hand towel!


Do you have any sewing repurposing happening this spring?