An old  hand-me-down typewriter desk with tons of little drawers.  Perfect for room time, where children can have independence to do and create in their own personal space without anyone else around. IMG_5613

An old wooden cigar box, perfect to fit markers and secret treasures. A fish bowl for too many pencils to ever all need sharpening, scissors, and homemade crayons.  Huge opening to fit little hands.

IMG_5587 IMG_5615

A new bulletin board made out of the old bulletin board.


Stapled fabric to a canvas.


Painted an old frame that perfectly fits the canvas' size.  A rough paint job with acrylic paint did the job.


Hot glued the inner frame sides and fit the canvas inside.   Added a layer of glue on the outside once the canvas was in place.


A vase made by my father, years ago.  Adds something of a treasure.

IMG_5617 IMG_5625

Caroline decided her "room time" started as soon as her desk was set up.  And one hour later, we saw her come downstairs, very fulfilled to have a big girl place to just be.