removable knit flower tutorial


Here is a simple knit flower that can be worn on a skirt or in your little one's hair.  Removing it or adding it to a skirt can change the whole style of the skirt.  And it allows you to put the skirt in the wash easier.  Here's how to do it.

First off, here is the elastic skirt I made for Johanna.  I looked at this pattern from Freshly Picked to get an idea of how to pin the skirt. (I treated it like a gathered skirt in the making of it.)  I used some leftover wool with very wide black elastic I found in bulk at a local fabric outlet.  (The skirt is pretty easy and fast--my kind of sewing, definitely.) IMG_2628

To make the removable knit flower you'll need:

scraps of ribbed knit

hot glue gun


hair clip

piece of felt IMG_2645

Cut knit.  I tried cutting a heart shape a few different sizes on knit doubled over. IMG_2647 IMG_2650

Hot glue layers together. IMG_2651

Hot glue felt that has been cut to size on the back of the flower. IMG_2654

Cut another strip of felt. IMG_2656

Glue lengthwise and fold lengthwise. IMG_2657

Glue a corner down and begin rolling it in.  Make sure the folded side is facing up. IMG_2659 IMG_2660

Glue in the last corner. IMG_2661

Cut and fray the raw end a bit. IMG_2662 IMG_2663

Glue that onto the flower. IMG_2667

Now take your hair clip and glue the side that will be touching the felt on the flower.  Let dry. IMG_2668

You're done!   Now you simply slide in onto a skirt and snap the hair clip closed.  This elastic skirt is perfect because the clip stays exactly where you put it. IMG_2967 IMG_2976IMG_3017

What do you think?  I'd love to hear.

By the way, how is your Monday starting??