ready for business



I love Caroline's logo.  It is youthful and sweet and "her colors" for sure.  It took her a few tries before it was perfect for scanning.

The day after her big bake sale we sat and talked about what would be important and necessary for a baker just starting her business.  (Remember, this young entrepreneur had her money burning in the bank.)

For starters, a Bakies apron (absolutely necessary for an upcoming event she's been invited to bake/sell for), business cards, Bakies stickers...  Oh, this was getting exciting for the both of us.

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{Stickers and apron from zazzle}

The design and layouts were made, her "business account" paid the bills, and then she awaited her two packages to come in the mail.  This was her thing.  Her business.  Her money.  She owned it.  


I love the rounded corner option, her seven-year-old logo, and her happy picture from her sale.  (  for business cards.)  After the business cards came in the mail she promptly made a business card-carrier out of brown paper sack, duct tape, and a huge button.  So Caroline.


Last night the two of us went on a date to check out baking supplies at Williams and Sonoma in another town.   Caroline browsed giddily through the whole store.  She decided upon some basic measuring and kitchen tools (all yellow, of course) and went to pay.  As she pulled her money from a little envelope, I, the proud mother, told the sales clerk all about her business ventures, bake sale, and so on.  

After ringing up the total, I noticed he gave her a nice discount.  With a smile he told me about their Williams-Sonoma, Inc. For Your Business program for culinary students to receive discounts for supplies.  He told Caroline to bring her business card in next time and for mom to fill out a form.  "You have your own business, right? Then you belong."

Caroline and I excitedly passed smiles to each other as he bagged her items.  He wished her well and we left the store walking on clouds.


What a thrilling adventure she has begun...


the sleepy time gal