When I was little, my parents would let us earn a few free books based on our getting good school grades.  I remember very well going to Walden Book with my whole family and browsing, flipping through pages, and carefully selecting the books I wanted.  The books I chose are still a memory, but more importantly, I remember the exciting family date together.

We've started our own family book club--slightly different than back then-- but the same reward.  As someone completes a book, they get to put a sticker on the chart.  For Caroline, it is a chapter book, for Johanna, it is a beginner book I help her through, and for me and Bobby, one of the many books we are in the middle of that we've finally completed.

Once we reach a shared goal together on the chart (probably four books), we earn a family trip to our local book store, The Whistlestop Book Shop, to pick out a free book.  What is more exciting than reading encouraging reading?  It has brought on a whole new excitement in our house.

And speaking of reading, here are a few national reading programs (besides your local library) that might be exciting for your little ones:

Barnes and Noble's Summer Reading Program- Read 8 books and earn a free book from their book list.

Scholastic Summer Challenge- You log in your reading minutes and can earn prizes.

Chuck E. Cheese's Reading Reward Calendar- Read consistently for two weeks and earn tokens.

Happy reading!

the sleepy time gal