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Good morning!  Most of the leaves have fallen from our trees outside and it is rather damp from the rain that came throughout the night.  This morning, alas, I'm tired but determined to do something with my girls while Rowan sleeps.  Maybe bake something.  Maybe make something.  Either way, I'm needing time with them and vice versa.  We will get into the swing of things--I do not doubt that.  For now, it is still one day at a time.

For those of you who subscribe to The Sleepy Time Gal's posts via email, I apologize that the emails have been hitting your inbox usually a day late.  We're up on fixing that with Feedburner so that it is consistent with the posts being published.

Also, I'm excited to share a family/children's nature tutorial and activity with you that I've been wanting to share since before Rowan came.  More on that next week!

These early weeks with a baby are always so unique for me.  The desire to create is suppressed (although some ideas have started filling my mind) and I enjoy activities that I would normally not make time for, like entertainment.  You can find me and Bobby awake in the middle of the night nursing/burping baby with the glow of the laptop on our faces as we watch something together.  We recently finished the BBC's Sherlock series which leaves me desperate to find a replacement.  Any recommendations??


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