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What an incredible outpouring of your thoughts on blogging and reality yesterday on Let's Talk.  I loved everything that you all wrote.

I have just a few things to share this morning.  The first is about Birchbox.

Have you heard of Birchbox?  For my birthday back in May I first learned about it.  My sister in law, Christina, gave me a gift of Birchbox for my birthday.  Every month I get a box in the mail full of the newest health and beauty samples.  It is so fun to get a personal package just for me every month!


Here was July's box.  Things for my hair, skin, makeup, and more.  I'm still using some incredible skincare from last months' box.  Check out Birchbox--I think it is such a fun, different gift that lets you try new products in small, manageable sizes.


Also, I've just uploaded lots of new photos of your boxes that have made it to Japan, both to Ishinomaki and Sendai.  Check out the Sleepy Time Gal Flickr group on the sidebar.

See you tomorrow for Projects Revisited.  I'll also share a few special photos of kindergarden children in Japan who received your boxes and made us a thank you poster.


This is our last day before Bobby returns from a week away. Thank goodness.


the sleepy time gal