rainbow shells


We got around to pulling out our drawstring treasure bags this weekend.  The shells from this summer's adventure to the beach were poured out onto the table.  The reality of swimming suits being packed up, water wings and sunscreen stored, hasn't hit the kids yet, but for me, painting the shells and folding up their treasure bags was like waving goodbye to a good friend called summer.

My children are absolutely thrilled to paint anything.   Ironically, we sat at this table at the end of summer last year (almost to the exact day), and painted rocks.  They were loved and played with outdoors as the days got a bit cooler and our time outdoors lengthened with September days.

I squirted out a rainbow of colors for each of my girls to use in following the curve of their shells for rainbows.  Some used the colors one at a time.  Others mixed them.  The results were each beautiful and unique in and of themselves.  I could have predicted, though, who would have mixed them all into one color.

On a side note, today is a holiday for us in the states.  A gloomy day outdoors, at that.  But weather never really does matter when husbands have time off and the regular ins and outs of the day are thrown out the window.

I'm pretty excited about this week on The Sleepy Time Gal.  I have some exciting decorating ideas to share and a unique but practical tutorial coming this week.

If your family is enjoying Labor Day today I hope it is a relaxing, perfect day for you all!


the sleepy time gal